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I’m looking over the Martin Luther King quotes I sent you last year; they still teem with insight and purpose. But I don’t want to honor him by simply repeating myself, so here’s another quote to consider which I think he would embrace as well:

“Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait very, very long time.” ~ Chinese proverb

I say this because we patients have a big opportunity for action on the horizon - the fabulous WORLD PARKINSON CONGRESS in the fall of 2016. But we need to know what our agenda is - what are our priorities and how might they be addressed? If we wait for something to happen - if we wait for that roast duck - we’ll be waiting a very long time.

So I offer to all of us a page on my website called YOUR THOUGHTS, an open forum where I will post what people think are the most pressing issues for our community to address, or where people can reply to existing topics with suggestions about how we might be able to achieve progress in a particular area. (you can make yourself known or write anonymously). I hope you will use this page as a place to exchange and galvanize our thoughts. We will see how it will develop and consider how best to make use of it.

Please think about and communicate what you feel most needs attention, and check back from time to time to view the progress of our conversations.

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