As an expert in movement she was better prepared than most to figure out the personality of a movement disorder. She knew a lot about her body: how to coax it, scold it, and trick it…Quinn might not have known it at the time, but what she was doing – this “tricking” of her body – fit with the latest neuroscientific thinking about the basal ganglia. -Jon Palfreman, Brain Storms The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease, BBC and PBS Science Journalist

When an artist of Pam Quinn’s quality suffers the misfortune of Parkinson’s Disease, a windfall lands in the lap of the entire Parkinson’s community. Her deep insight into her own physical body coupled with her immense creative energy has produced an exercise program that lifts her students out of their limitations. She inspires as she delights. We can look to her in future to be always near the cutting edge of physical therapy for PD. -John Argue, Parkinson’s Disease & the Art of Moving

Pam is among the most charismatic and iconic figure in the Parkinson community. She is an artist and a dancer who has transformed her own experience of living with Parkinson’s into an exploration of the ability of the body to use creativity, dance and music to create ground-breaking dance and movements. Pam’s classes energize and create a fun, affirming and therapeutic environment that have benefited the body and the mind of countless people with Parkinson’s.
-Alessandro Di Rocco, MD, Professor of Neurology & Chief, Division of Movement Disorders, New York University School of Medicine

pam closeup for T 2 Pam’s energy and enthusiasm to reach people in the Parkinson’s community through dance, video and other media is infectious. She enjoys doing what she does and it shows! She also has a way to reach people through her creations, assuring them that they are not alone in this world. -Elizabeth Pollard, Executive Director, World Parkinson Coalition, Inc.

I wish I had met Pam Quinn sooner! She is an amazing person, dancer and teacher. The insight and knowledge she shared at our conference was not only helpful, but also inspiring. Through the use of music and dance, she gives individuals with PD a way to manage their disease with both grace and strength. -Heather J. Cianci, PT, MS, GCS, Geriatric Team Leader, The Dan Aaron Parkinson’s Rehab Center Penn Therapy & Fitness/GSPP

Pamela Quinn raises our awareness of the potential for healthy movement to relieve disorders of movement—- a paradigm shift with great potential for both patients and clinicians.-Lisa M. Shulman, M.D., Professor of Neurology, Co-Director, University of Maryland PD & Movement Disorders Center

I can sum up Pamela Quinn’s presentation in one word: “Magical!”. I looked up from where I was sitting and participating to see the entire room, 185 people with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners in perfect unison. It was like watching a beautiful ballet or a champion synchronized swimming team. Even more impressive was the fact that none of these people had ever participated in this session before.-James Trussell, Chief Volunteer Officer (Georgia Parkinson’s Association), National Parkinson Foundation/Georgia Chapter Georgia State Congressional Coordinator (PAN)

Pam Hug CloseupEvery week Pam, who was diagnosed with PD 17 years ago, shares knowledge that she has gleaned from her life in dance which helps her all day long, with her Brooklyn Parkinson Group students. They learn from her how to take charge of moving difficulties brought on by Parkinson’s. But the focus of her class is on moving, moving creatively with others in a group, physical games and fun. Pam is a devoted teacher and an outstanding role model for anyone on how to live life well and fully. PD Movement Lab class is Pam Quinn’s ongoing gift to Brooklyn Parkinson Group.-Olie Westheimer, Head of Brooklyn Parkinson Group

Pam has a true compassion for all people, however she has a special place in her heart for people with PD. She has a unique ability to connect with her clients/class, and truly understand and feel what a person with PD is experiencing emotionally and physically. Through this she is able to redirect her movement instruction to have more meaning, carryover and success for her clients.-Christine Flynn, PT DPT NCS

In class, Pamela’s approach to movement draws on the everyday activities that people do at home and in the community. Her techniques build confidence which is so important for individuals to move safely and with ease. -Cathi Thomas, Massachusetts APDA representative

Pam empowered us all with practical advice and humor. Her inspiration transcends PD.-Frank Donnelly, Board president, Houston Area Parkinson’s Society


The advantage of having a teacher who knows both dance movement and Parkinson’s movement may seem obvious, but the diligence with which Pam Quinn constantly tries to communicate her ideas is what sets her apart. She is inventive, unflappable, open to suggestion and genuine in her concern for her students. Her exercises strike at the very heart of the disease we are all battling.-Joy Esterberg

Pam brings her years as a professional dancer and choreographer to
each Movement class. She uses her training, creativity, and
imagination to develop exercises and to motivate students to do their
best. As a result we often find that we do a little better than we had expected. Which is a great feeling.-Michael Brooks

I really love Pam’s Movement Lab. Whatever Pam teaches us, I will attempt, even if I don’t succeed. She understands us and our limitations, yet she gently pushes us beyond them. I trust her and am not afraid to try. I truly look forward to Fridays and Pam’s class.-Sharon Resin

pam closeup for T 3

It is a bright time in my week when Pam comes to my home to work with me.  In the many years we have been working together not only has she helped me physically, but she has provided extra benefits as well-enthusiasm, love for what she does, and devotion to her client’s welfare.  Throw in a large dose of “fun” and you come up with the complete picture of what Pam can do for you.Jane Levine

Hi Pam, what a blessing to have you teach us today at our Haps symposium. Even after 9 years on the HAPS board, I learned more about PD from you today than I have from all other sources in the last 9 years. Thank you so much, and Godspeed.-Quin McWhirter

Pam, I think that you have been helpful to me because you are a teacher who really cares. The fact that you also have Parkinson’s disease and yet can move so well is truly an inspiration. Because you are a teacher who has Parkinson’s disease yourself is a tremendous benefit to the students in the class. You know exactly the correct cues to give to help all of us move safely and with grace. Thank you!-Charlie Tobey

Pam’s class, her words and her actions inspired me to reach further than I believed I could. She knows what it’s like to live with PD. Her class gives me practical tools and motivational ideas. From the time I get out of bed, and throughout the day as I walk down the street, sit at my desk, attend social gatherings I move through the difficult moments in a different way — with practical tools and memorable motivational words that Pam has passed on to us.-Carol Enseki