A quintet featuring two dancers with Parkinson’s and three without. Click on the image and enter the password: parkinsons96 to access the film.

“Comments from Christopher Walken and Catherine Keener about working on the film “A Late Quartet” for which I was a consultant about Parkinson’s.

Video TN

I’m Here, It’s Me, Can You See?
A visually arresting documentary film by Ruth Peyser about Parkinson’s Disease. Click on title to access the film and accompanying information.

PUNCH! - a movement order.  A dance made for Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  Includes 9 people with PD, six chairs, three balloons, six balls and upbeat marching music.  Performed in a variety of venues and accompanied by informative talking afterward. Done at the United Nations, Kings County Hospital, branch of the Brooklyn Public Library and Mark Morris Dance Studio. Sponsored by Brooklyn Parkinson Group.

In Collaboration with Carol Enseki