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Pamela Quinn is a professional dancer who has had Parkinson’s disease for over 20 years. Her personal experience of PD combined with her keen knowledge of the body derived from dance training gives her a unique position from which to analyze patients’ physical functioning and to imagine creative solutions to the problems posed by PD. Using a combination of cuing systems, music, dance, athletic drills, imagery and physical strategies, she gives people concrete tools to improve their mobility and their lives. Pamela also trains PWPs (and their OTs) to use their environments to help them with their symptoms. Her innovative approach has achieved wide-spread recognition and made her a sought out movement therapist, teacher and speaker in the PD community. She thinks of herself as a PD coach.







Pamela has given speeches and masterclasses on the national and international levels and been featured in numerous news programs, magazines, and books. She has also had her own writing published in dance, educational, and neurological journals.

  • Speeches and Presentations:  2nd, 3rd and 4th World Parkinson Congress, Columbia Medical School, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, **Tufts University, MOMA, EXPO Milan 2015: Energy for Life!, Center for Narrative Practice, NYU Movement Disorder Conference, New England Biennial PD Conference, HAPS (Houston), Southesastern PD Conference, Wake Forest University, Univ. of Maryland, CT- MADPA, SUNY Downstate, **NY Academy of Medicine, Beth Israel Movement Disorder Program, Rutgers University, **Center for Narrative Medicine, **Kaiser Sacramento, Sparks of Life, NYC Parkinson's Unity Walk 2017, Tokyo's 2nd Japan Congress, American Conference of Rehabilitative Medicine) 

** presented with David Leventhal of Dance for PD